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About Me


Growing up in a family of classical musicians I spent my childhood playing classical piano and watching my parents perform. Later, I developed a passion for other styles of music - pop, rock and jazz. My parents supported my passion and I started to compose and perform from the yearly age. From the age of 14 I was actively involved in a local music scene, volunteering at the recording studio, creating commercials and learning to mix and record music. In New York I spent over 15 years at the community media TV / Radio and entertainment business. I am passionate about both the music and the business side of it! 

In 2006 I have acquired Business Administration bachelor degree in NYSCAS Touro university and continued my marketing journey in New York.

My comeback to music happened in 2011 when I’ve tried to combine my entrepreneurial skills with my passion. This year I have created Made In New York Jazz brand that started as a small festival in New York City with a couple of shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn two years later we’ve launched first online jazz competition. In 2014 First International jazz Gala at Tribeca and in 2016 we’ve introduced our first European edition of the festival. Everything started to roll like a snow ball. 

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